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When you’re so wrapped up in living life, your mind becomes clouded with everything but yourself. You’re too busy working hard at your job, mothering your children, and being a rock for your spouse that staying true to yourself or even knowing your true self makes its way to the bottom of the to-do list. Lots of women are aware of this, but few actually take the steps towards discovering their true self.


It is time for you to feel beautiful, confident and empowered.

It is time for you to discover parts of yourself you would like to reconnect with or perhaps you never knew you had.

It is time for you to shine and show everyone what it means to be a woman today.

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Schedule a discovery call now before this offer expires


Thank you so much for your interest in this empowering experience! If you would like to take an advantage of this special offer, please request a discovery call that will be the first step in designing your bespoke photoshoot. I will be in touch within 48 hours to setup our call.

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If you are ready to book now, you can use the below button to get this deal and I will be in touch within 6 hours to schedule your session, styling call and discuss in brief ideas for your session.

£99 portrait session offer

£99 portrait session offer


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Who is this experience for?

This is for any women who…

  • Are used to sacrificing themselves for everyone else in their world and almost never give themselves time for… themselves.
  • Deserve to celebrate themselves and don’t need permission from anyone else to do it!
  • Want to rediscover and showcase their beauty the moment they are in right now
  • Want to regain their strength, confidence and power
  • Want to have amazing photographs they can be finally proud of as a reminder of their strength and beauty
  • Want to spoil themselves a little 🙂

Why should I do this?

The aim of this experience is to provide an internal transformation through building your confidence. I invite you on a journey of transformation and self-discovery, where you get to see yourself in a different light to feel beautiful, confident and empowered. I want to show you what you often cannot see when you look in the mirror. And I want you to be in awe of the women you see in your photographs.

There is nothing more beautiful and powerful than celebrating your true, authentic self. More than ever, right now the world needs us all to allow our light to shine through – that’s why I’m so passionate about this project – REDISCOVER YOU!

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What My Clients Say

What’s included in your experience

⭐ Discovery Call to Find Out What’s Important to You
⭐ Wardrobe & Beauty Preparation Guides
⭐ In-Person or Video Styling Consultation
⭐ A Luxury Makeover by My Top Hair and Makeup Artist
⭐ Access to My Studio Wardrobe
⭐ Behind The Scenes Photos
⭐ A Personalised Fully Guided Magazine Style Portrait or Boudoir Session (you choose!) With 5 Outfit Changes
⭐ Professional Retouching
⭐ Reveal & Ordering Appointment Where You Get To See Your Finished Portraits (around 2 -3 weeks after your session)
⭐ £200 credit towards any images you love and cannot live without.
⭐ Feature in my quarterly digital magazine

Total value of this experience is £551 and for a limited time I am offering it for £99 only. Cannot be used with any other offer.

This special offer expires in:

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Get featured in my digital magazine

I want to celebrate us, everyday women, by creating an amazing portrait experience where you get to see yourself in a different light. As a part of this package, apart from the experience and beautiful portraits, you will also get a feature in my digital magazine which will be distributed to all participants, making it a perfect keepsake they can get back to time and again and several hundred women on my mailing list. This will truly showcase YOU and inspire other women.

I want them to showcase who you are now, what are your dreams, what words of wisdom you have for other women who struggle to see their own beauty AND inner light and how you felt seeing beautiful portraits from your photoshoot for the first time.

This special offer expires in:

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This special offer expires in:

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What To Expect From Your Experience?


DISCOVERY CALL: a video or phone consultation to talk about the process in more details and book you in the calendar. I will also enrol you on my mailing list so you will get my beauty preparation & styling guides and any other important info that will help you prepare for your session. £99 fee will be required at the time of booking to secure your package.


STYLING CONSULTATION: a video or in person consultation to design your shoot, talk about styling, wardrobe choices and general mood for your session to make it a success.


PHOTOSHOOT: professional make up and hair styling by one of my top makeup artists to make you look and feel gorgeous and fully guided 2hrs – 2.5hrs photoshoot with up to 5 wardrobe changes. I will pose you from head to toe so you don’t have to worry about anything! Your session will take place in my studio in Worcester WR40TA.


REVEAL: this is the best part where you get to see in person your finished portraits and purchase any images you absolutely love and cannot live without. There is no obligation to purchase and no hard sale however if you do buy Saying that I always do my best to create images you love and cannot live without. So be warned: you will love them 🙂


PDF magazine: Once my quarterly digital magazine is ready (next issue in November), you will be emailed a copy featuring your photo (or photos) as well as short story / interview with you.

If you are interested in this special package, click the button below and to request a no obligation complimentary consultation with me!

This special offer expires in:

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My name is Renata and I’m a photographer

I struggled to see my own beauty for so long and needed to experience a portrait session to change the way I see myself. I loved the experience, I loved my portraits and first of all, I finally started to truly love myself. Thats why I made my mission to create the most beautiful portraits of everyday women they have ever seen of themselves to show them how incredible they are and deserve to be celebrated. To me the whole process involves also a whole lot of soul. I believe, as a photographer, I can only capture your beauty and soul if I truly connect with you throughout the whole process from start to finish. This campaign is just about that: connection, empowerment, embracing your beauty, and everything that makes you a uniquely powerful and fearless woman (even if you don’t realise it yet!).

The sessions will be scheduled from September onwards.

Sessions take place in my home studio located at 16 Stafford Avenue WR40TA Worcester. Transport cost will not be covered however if you are using public transport I am happy to give you a lift to/ from the bus / train station.

I recommend that you allow up to 2 hrs for the hair & makeup and up to 2 – 2.5 hours for the photoshoot.

I am offering my photoshoot experience in special promotion package for just £99. The total value of what you are getting is £551.

Pre-Shoot Styling Consultation

Beauty Preparation Guide and Style Guide 

Unlimited Refreshments, 

Professional Makeup & Hair Styling,

Access To The Studio Wardrobe, 

Behind The Scenes Photos

Fully Guide Magazine Style Photoshoot, 

Re-touching & Editing, 

Reveal Appointment at the Renata Clarke Portraits studio

£200 credit towards images you love

Feature In My Digital Magazine

YES! You will be fully guided during the shoot in my portrait studio in Worcester. I will pose you to the last lash. Normally I demonstrate the pose myself first, in some cases I may also show you some visuals on my phone/ posing cards. We start with some basic poses and then move onto more advanced as the session progresses.

You do not need any experience at all to create beautiful images with me.

Totally understandable! Most people are especially if this is their first professional portrait session. I shoot out of my home based studio so my private and cozy space will definitely make you feel less stressed than big commercial productions. On the day of your session only myself and the makeup artist will be present. One of the reasons I decided to offer an in-house pro makeup services is to give my clients some pampering time as it really does help to relax and get into the whole thing 🙂 During the actual portrait session there will be only me which is something I really love as one to one allows creating great connection and makes my clients more confident too.

Yes, all images are retouched to remove imperfections such as blemishes, bruises, discolourations, reduce the appearance of fine lines etc and generally to enhance the end product.

This special offer expires in:

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